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gimme a high five...

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I've been tagged by the amazing Kelley over at Dragonfly Reflections for a 5X5 meme! And I just know you are SO excited to hear more about me! ha!!!

five things found in your bag...

my brain (organizer)
Aveda hand relief
some sort of lip stuff
tape measure

five favorite things in your room (studio)...
very hard... I have too many favorites...
here are some (more than five... sue me!)

LOVE my armoire that holds all the nuts & bolts...
computer... fax... printer... etc

art by KJ the Dreamy Giraffe always there to remind me...
"girly girls CAN be super heroes too"

my vintage "lady"... have fun dressing her

a pig my daughter picked out all by herself & gave me

the continuous new art made for my bulletin board

this little bag... my bag of "feel goods"...
full of special cards & such given to me... very dear

silly... I know...
but I have a full size chair hung on the wall... LOVE

five things I have always wanted to do...
hhhhhmmmm toughy!

  • I once wanted to sky dive... REALLY wanted to!
    no more I have kids & wised up! (Jason!!!!!!)
  • write a book (oh i've GOT stories)
  • build our own house (one day really soon! woo hoo)
  • take a welding course (oh yeah... gimme some fire)
  • always wanted to have my face done by Bobbie Brown herself

five things I am currently into...

  • a new treat I just got (more on that later... woo hoo)
  • reading more (it takes me FOREVER to FINISH a book... it's like it has to completely "sink into my pores" before I can move on
  • getting active... OKAY... not "into it" but need to be
  • stretching creatively
  • becoming a better ME

five people i want to tag...

Sophi... the Queens Castle
Melissa... just sweet bean
Carin... life is but a dream

Gini... tao of gini
Jen... gordostyle

okay... too hard to JUST pick five...
if you're seeing... i think you should join in too!

that concludes this tag! I'm exhausted! :)