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way back... wednesday

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back when it was "in" to wear mid tops... scarf belts and your pants up to your pits! Back when I actually HAD a waist! :)

Back when Astroworld (Six Flags) was still around in Houston. The Texas Cyclone was my favorite ride! Fast... furious... stomach dropping fun! I actually peed my pants one time... was that TMI? My friend Beth Anne & I were laughing so hard... it was inevitable! What did I do? I don't even remember... did I walk around with wet pants? Seriously... that's nuts!

This was when I was either a sophomore or junior in high school because I am wearing all Limited clothes... I remember those clothes well. I worked there during high school... oh... I loved that job... the awesome discount... it was so much fun! Remember when malls were "the place" to shop! Now... at all cost I try to avoid the mall! Funny!

Happy Wednesday! Our day has started out GREAT! It is after 11am and I am happy to say... I am STILL in my jammies! It feels good to not rush... to take the day as it comes! Awe... what a gift! I am feeling lucky & blessed! Now I'm off to go grab another pig in a blanket and another cup of coffee! :)
cheers & hugs!