brown eyed fox

we had cherrios for a cheery day...

carissa fox16 Comments

It may be gloomy... rainy... flipping cold outside today...
BUT i feel like a piggy ready to take flight!
There will be a little shindig this morning at the school...
and then s... s.... s... oh yeah...SUMMER!
We are all giddy... plain silly this morning!

Isn't my flying pig SOOOO fun!
Would you believe that yesterday the landscapers
were here to start planting trees... shrubs & such and it
started raining! We live in the dessert!!!
It never rains here... never! crazy!
Of course I had to stick piggy in the ground right away!
Another reason to smile... the show goes on...
we will be getting our sod... rock & such this week!
oh yeah... oh yeah

okay... one funny tidbit!
At night Campbell always like to say something sweet to me
before bed. It can be as great & simple as
"mama, i love you"... "mama, you're the best mama"!
Last night she says...
"i will never let go of my heart that has your name on it"
sooo sweet! sooo sweet!
So then little bit chimes in & says...
"mama, i will never let my jacket go in the wind"
priceless! too good!

So today...
may we all wear fun on our hearts & really take flight!