brown eyed fox

laughing all the way...

carissa fox18 Comments

i'd like to think this dove came to say hello &
bring me some peace today!

For all the chaos Monday is notorious for being...
hopefully we can atleast laugh at "all of it" a little.

Sometimes when i get overwhelmed i laugh...

It feels like i am THE ONLY ONE about
to pop from "it all". As nutty as this sounds...
I KNOW all you gals are going nuts today too...
knowing this brings a bit of comfort (sorry)!

Being a mom we are the best nutty jugglers around!
If I can imagine yall tackling some of the same things
it makes me feel like part of a team!
A team of nutty MIGHTY MOMS!

All I know... my head is spinning...
when it finally stops
I'm hoping that I can figure out where to begin!

Are you on the nutty merry-go-round today too?
Here's to all of us laughing a little today...
through all the nuttiness!

go nutty MIGHTY MOMS!