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one of those weekends...

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for our DOG!

We've been busy... all things landscaping! Remember those big piles of dirt? Well they're gone... we now have a pile of manure! All I can say... thank God for people who know WHAT they're doing... so they can do what they do with all that stuff! :)
It looks like sometime within this week we will have sod! woo hoo! Love me some green grass! Actually BIG things should take place this week... fingers & toes crossed that it all comes together just right! :)

Some new creations for the shop... I hope to get out from under the pile of "to do's" and get them listed tomorrow!

I hope your weekend has been awesome!

Oh... just realizing my blog anniversary is around the corner... in a week... kind of weird it's already been a year... there is that YEAR again flying by!

Of course I want to do a drawing! I was wondering if I should do... pick any treat from the shop... or I think it might be fun to create a custom piece (similar to something like these) for the winner.
Hmmm... got me thinking... what do you think?