brown eyed fox

she graduated

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"oh yeah... oh yeah... i'm a first grader now! " Those were her first words running to the car! So funny! She was like a super star!

We are SO proud of her! Her awesome teacher says she is "crazy smart" and "eager" to learn... she really said that! She is one of those people that "gets" reading... and is well above her expected level! Woo hoo... our daughter's got some serious noggin! :) Can you tell I am her mom! I am just so happy for HER!

she checked the mirror a dozen times before leaving...
are we already at that stage!

waiting for her name to be called

isn't the florescent lighting glorious...
I was just happy to not be in a swimsuit...
I did actually have that thought!

the cherry on top... waiting in line to
"create her own" sundae

I know grand-parents will appreciate this post! :)

I'll most likely be back a bit later... always something to share! :)
I'm off to scratch... scratch... scratch! I touched some kind of dad gum poison plant... you should see my neck & face... not lovely! I am miserable! Whelp woman... that's me! Praying for some healing over here!

Wishing you a fabulous Friday! Happy smiles & a happy heart!