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hop faster...

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Okay... ran over to Glenwood Springs today (had to drop off the 'ol vehicle for service)... beautiful... gorgeous... will go back very soon for some to enjoy! Lots of fun to be had there! The girls were great for the trip... a movie DOES wonders! Had a little girly lunch... it was nice!

I do not know what the deal is! Is it the hawks... coyotes... what... BUT we had to have a burial service for another sweet little bunny! This is the third one! This desert... living in the "wild" thing... is not my cup of tea! The poor little precious thing! The girls... to them it's like thumper or peter rabbit! We said a prayer & I had to find a proper place! I know that bunny is already hopping through the gates in Heaven with a big fat juicy carrot! :)

Sneak peek of the shop update... will be up tomorrow! cuff-ola!

Happy Wednesday evening!
I'm off to try to rationalize having an ice cream sandwich for dessert! :) XOXO