brown eyed fox

standing on the promise...

carissa fox11 Comments

First off... let me say... I am OKAY! I will be OKAY! I am a committed... stubborn... fighter! Tough as a cookie. Every once in a while I might crumble just a bit.

I just woke up the other day and wondered what had happened to ME! Inside the body that I no longer recognize... lives a woman that I want back.
I have been so busy taking care of everybody & everything else (treasured blessings & not) that along the way... I let MYSELF go. As I am typing this... I feel as though I sound selfish. Well... I might need to get a little selfish. Mama needs some balance.

I have WAY too many gifts in my life to let them spoil on the shelf. Did that make since? I want to be better. I need to be a better ME.

I will keep believing... stay tough... hang onto the promise of a brighter tomorrow! My trust is strong... my eyes are bright... my heart is eager!

To all my loved ones... you know who you are... tHaNk YoU... really! I love you too!