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way back... wednesday

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What better to post about today... on way back day... than Jennifer! An old friend found me! Well... she actually found my little sister... but still! :)
How fun is THAT! We went to high school together and even lived together... with two other awesome gals... in the 90's! Jenn is one of the most upbeat... charismatic... geniune people around! She was always one of those girls you wanted to strive to be! A real gift!

Oh... those were the days! I am guessing here (why did I not date pictures... lesson learned) that this was about 1991 ish? When plastic shorts & yes bows were the thing! We were creating our very own "cutes" to wear in our hair!

Four of us girls lived together... Jenn... Ashley... Miranda and me of course! Oh my gosh... just thinking about them! Some of the best times in my life! Jenn reminded me that we lived in an apartment complex called Green Oaks... if I recall... we called ourselves "the Green Oaks babes"! OMGoodness! Do you think we thought we were cute?

I am finding out so many fun things... I could not be any more thrilled to be back "in touch"! What a treat! Jennifer... thank you! Big hugs to you!


Here is to ALL my friends! I love you!

friendship is like a puzzle
each friend you have is a piece

some are on the border
some are close to the center

each brings out a piece in us
that makes us who we are

thank you for being
an important piece in my life

(poem from unknown source)