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help me... i can't get up...

carissa fox4 Comments

I feel like I have been run over by a mack truck... and our house looks like that same mack truck drove through it!

We have been working on the house like a couple of crazy people! I think I thought about lunch at 4 pm... bit late... you know when you just get so busy... it skips your mind. That's okay though... we just ate BIG! :) Managed to whip up some sort of chicken spaghetti dish for dinner. It WAS good!

I have done everything today from cleaning out the garage to planting new shrubs... and way too many crazy things in between... for ONE day! Nutty! You know those days! I'm tired with a capital "T"! Cooked... like a broiled tomato! Beat like a big 'ol pot full of mashed potatoes! Done! :)

a peek at the 75 foot long retaining wall we've been building

campbell made piggy & cow a hideaway

my poor little queen feet are dirty & GROSS!

family room furniture in the kitchen at one point... what

Jason... you'd be impressed... working like a dog

So... after a huge day... I think we made a dent...
hopefully a big dent! :)