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sweet spot

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seems pretty simple... here goes!

1. Pick up the book nearest to you & go to page 123.
2. Find the fifth sentence.
3. Type & post the next three sentences after the fifth one.

This book was actually in the computer armoire... Max Lucado's Cure for the Common Life. Oh how I love this book!

Childhood tendencies forcast adult abilities. Read them. Discern them. Affirm them. Cheerlead them.

yeah... i added two more "sentences" ! :)

One of my favorite "sweet spots" in this book says...

"Sweet spot. You have one, you know. Your life has a plot; your years have a theme. You can do something in a manner that no one else can. And when you find it and do it, another sweet spot is discovered."

How cool is that! Made by the hand of God... we are all very special.
We are you-nique!