brown eyed fox

he really does love me...

carissa fox13 Comments

I rolled over and woke up to this! What a glorious morning indeed!

We had a three year old little boy spend the night last night... always interesting to have a BOY around. Boys and girls ARE different! I don't care how you slice it! Anyway at 6AM he woke up! uhh... excuse me... that is a tad early for me on a Saturday morning... well any morning for that matter! Call me "sleep-over" mother of the year... I turned on a cartoon for him... and crawled my behind back in bed!

So I did make them breakfast... sort of... gotta love Schwans breakfast pizzas! Always a hit!

The picture outside the window this morning is a giving me ants in my pants! The sun is shining in her full glory! Time to put on some sort of decent face and head out!

Here's to a... kick up your heels and look really goofy doing it... kind of day! Do it... see if it makes you laugh! :)