brown eyed fox

calling all dunces

carissa fox8 Comments

is there ANYONE else out there that forgot to "spring forward"?

it was one of THOSE mornings! lots of chaos... lots of "no, i don't want to wear that"... lots of arguing... we left the house with the house in COMPLETE disarray! HUGE mess! rush... rush... rush out the door!

arrived at church... even checked in the kiddos. no one said a word (too polite to embarrass us)! pastor walked up to us & asked if we were just stopping by to say "hi"! he was kidding of course... BUT for pete's sake... we were AN HOUR late! the service was OVER!!!

WHAT! ... didn't even realize it was that time of year! my goodness... where have we've been? an hour late... that's where! :) Todd & i just looked at each other and laughed! gotta laugh!

so a dunce hat... FITS today! off to change some clocks and make up for lost time! :)