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way back... wednesday

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Since our 10 year anniversary is this week... what better for today!
It has been a glorious ten years... we have never had a fight... we have always been the best of friends!


Okay... so we can fight. Sometimes I think he stinks... he can't stand the way I sigh all the time... he thinks I am over-dramatic... I think he is in-sensitive... he can get on my last nerve... I can get on his last nerve... I HAVE to have neatness... he not so much... he thinks I used to be thinner... I know he used to have more hair... he thinks I yell... I think he needs to communicate!

The one thing we can both agree on... no matter what... we're stuck... together! That commitment!

I thank God for him... we may be TOTAL opposites... but we FIT! He is strong where I am weak! I am loud where he is quiet! I have better style while he is really smart! :)

Happy Anniversary hon! The best years are yet to come! Thank you for always being the rock our family can depend! I love you!

We were married in "Our Lady of Loreto" chapel at the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, TX. This was the site occupied by Col. Fannin and his troops during the Goliad massacre.
At the end of March every year there is a living reenactment that takes place at the fort. It's a wow... knock your socks off event! An event to always remember!