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i could come up with a ton...

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I've been tagged by the really creative IslandBaby to share six non-important things / habits / quirks about myself.

Okay... so here are six really quick... off the cuff... silly things!

  • I could not… would rather not try… going without coffee in the morning. When I’m up I walk straight to the coffee maker!

  • I think I have some level of OCD! Cans in the pantry… items in the fridge… storage under the sink… etc. must face the same way. I label everything that can be labeled. My head can spin around… like a mad woman… when things get really messy in the house.

  • When making a list… writing a note… jotting down a reminder… if I don’t like the way it looks… I throw it away & start over! No matter how many times it takes to “look right”! I know… nuts!

  • With it warming up… becoming Spring… the mere thought of putting on a swimsuit right now gives me the chills! No way!

  • I will use Kleenex if we run out of tp just to delay going to the grocery store… can’t stand grocery shopping. Plain silly!

  • I just ate a Milky Way bunny let over from yesterday! And I wonder why I don’t want to put on a swimsuit!

I now tag. . . you! You know who you are... I know who you are! :) Play along... it's fun! I can't wait to learn a few quirks about you too! :)