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high altitude fun

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We had quite the day! Campbell & Ian were little two miniature pros... they even road the lifts by themselves... trying to leave us at every opportunity! Riley on the other hand... did not want to ski! She was happy go lucky in the beginning... was all about the cute boots... but just did not like the sliding sensation under her feet... oh well... what do you do! At the end of the day she said "I'm ready to ski now"! Ha! She'll have to wait til next time!

It was just like old times skiing with my sister... really great... we were really goofy! Our bodies definitely hurt more... my knees... now I get what my parents meant! It does get a bit harder on the 'ol bod! Sore muscles & all... it was the best day ever! Another special time to add to my fond memory bank!

This visit with them was very special... a true gift... reminds just how lucky I am to have such a super sis! She's the best! The miles may be long between us but our bond lives always in our hearts!

julie & me

little bit riley

chilling in the lodge

decisions... decisions

campbell & ian

miss campbell

awe... cousins... right before they "took-off"

Cheers to a fab Friday!