brown eyed fox

there's a mouse in the sugar

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Snow day outside means warm tea inside! The snow is melting fast... just in time for a chance for more tomorrow. Personally... I love it! I'm all for the snow falling... Spring will be here I just like the idea of having seasons. Houston (oh my love) was never a place to see such a change. It should be fun and good for the girls to enjoy it while we're here.

Back to school today & back to getting busy. It's so strange... I am a big perfectionist but I am a big procrastinator too! There has been folded laundry on the sofa table since Saturday... hello!!!!!... do you other people in the house know where your clothes go! Throw mama a bone!

I'll be catching up on many things today. The great... glorious thing... wonderful thing... I am feeling MUCH better! The dizziness is almost completely out of here. Thank you Lord for good health... thank you for a fresh new day!

Here's to a terrific... toe tapping good Tuesday!