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way back... wednesday

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me after a BIG spaghetti dinner!

Frankly... I LIKE that there was a place on the back of the polaroid to put all the photo's information. That was clever!

With all the digital advances we have today... I have been round & round about which way to go... store... keep... archive all our photos! I can not get away from still wanting an actual copy of the picture I can hold in my hands... touch & share! Even though I toot around digitally with our photos... store them externally... I still have prints made of all the pictures. Now... as I say that I have quite a ways to catch up on having prints made... lots of pictures!

Given all the wonderful... really super digital programs and such... do you still find it a bit confusing... the preserving aspect... the having tangible copies... the what if the hard drive has a snafu? Or am I the only looloo one?

So... today is Wacky Wednesday at school... that means there is NO school! We wacky gals are headed out for haircuts... a little lunch... and a walk down main street! Might have to pop into one or two of the cute shops!
So... here's to a wonderfully wacky-woo kind of day!