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it goes in that box

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Good morning... really close to afternoon! The sun is shining... the birds are singing (they ARE... we have oodles of birds in a row of trees next to our house... they are so cute)... the day is looking bright!

I really hope to get 'er done today! You know those days where you zoom through all your tasks like Cinderella & her little mouse friends! I want THAT today... minus the cute little furry guys of course! Maybe I should rummage through my closet and see if I have a pretty blue dress... that might help! Although I am not really a dress gal... a skirt once in a blue moon. Maybe if I sing really loud & lovely... that might help! Or maybe prince charming will come along and rescue me away from it all!

Well... I am not Cinderella... far from it... I'm not even blonde! I'm lucky! I have a real family that needs me...! So... Lord... you can do it! You can give me the kick I need! With you sitting on my shoulder I can conquer all my tasks and more!

So here goes! Toodles until I later! I'm off to whistle while I work... doo doo doo doo doo doo doo la la la la la la la!

p.s. I hope to have a small update to the shop by tomorrow too!