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more beans & rice please

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(some 6 year old cute creations)

Is it really Monday... already? Where did it go? I kind of feel like I could use another "stay in my jammies til it gets rediculous" day... awe Saturday.

We actually played tennis yesterday... Sophie... Nancy... Ruth Ann... aren't you proud? Come on throw me a cookie! It definitely wasn't the same without yall! Really could have used some pointers from David too! Especially since Todd plays to win! The concept of keeping the ball going... not his game! Now... just need to find some fellow players here!

The best thing that we did over the weekend... we had mexican food! Oh yeah! Since we left Texas this was the first chalupa that met my lips! It was glorious! I do love food... BUT I love some good mexican food... and it was GOOD! The salsa... fresh! Fabulous! Ole'


So... since you're here... marvelous Monday... here we are! We're ready to get up & go! Get up and go for it! Get up & grab all that the day has to offer!