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train back on track

carissa fox3 Comments

So... yesterday when i just needed to "breathe"... well i did!

We get those days sometimes (atleast I do) when we feel the "is this it?"... the move has been a bit to handle. We have moved five times since we've been married... we were in our last home (i so loved) six years... and we've only been married ten years! I think that is alot of moving. Our path right now is just really curvy... I'm on the "I'm right where I should be" train... it just gets awfully bumping at times!

So... some pretty new paper & a pretty little face! That is sure to bring a smile!

Friday plans... I'm off to warm up my coffee... jump in the shower (yes! I am still in my robe)... and out we go! Running around town with a mission and a plan!

Here's to a fun & fabulous Friday!