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way back... wednesday

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Back when I was standing there in all my pregnant glory... naked as a hippo on the river's bank!

Anyway... these are my casts... as crazy as it sounds... they are really precious to me. When we made the move to Colorado the girls and I were flying so I made my husband drive with them in the suv! I didn't want them to get messed up or lost in the move! I know... crazy lady! I realize they are just "things", but they hold so many memories. They show ME carrying my precious angels INSIDE of ME! Life... the miracle of it all!

I highly recommend doing a belly cast! My sister did both of mine (bless her) and they were both times I will always remember. We laughed our heads off! My small advice... make sure you are covered really well... everywhere... with the oil! Very important! trust me! When we did my first cast... I had some really good friends WATCHING! Oh... and my mother-in-law... so sorry JoAnn! You know you are loved when they see you naked and they STILL love you!
So... get over the fact that somone will have to see you naked & do it... you'll be happy you did!

There are tons of places to get kits now. It comes in kits! We went the old school route... my sister had already had her belly done and knew just the supplies needed... off to the medical supply shop!

And my word have you seen some of the ways others have painted & decorated their casts! Wowsers! Just google "belly cast" and enjoy! I have chosen to keep mine simply white. I have them hung by simple ribbon where I can enjoy them often!

If you too have done a cast... do share... !

Now my husband... for some silly reason... will probably freak when he sees that these were posted... but come on... really! I cut off the essential feeding tools just for him! It's okay dear... !