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in walked daddy...

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I was LOST last night... watching the ever ultimate LOST... when in walks my husband! Todd was supposed to be in... uhh... in... uhhh... that's really bad... maybe Salt Lake... I'm not certain... crazy. ANYWAY... he surprised us! We weren't expecting him until tonight. The girls squealed in sheer delight! Daddy's home... daddy's home!

He came with treats for his little ladies. My favorite thing... the tulips! For those of you that know Todd... know he is very talented at MANY things... gift buying is NOT one of them! God love him! OMGoodness... he can pick out some doozies! Some real "what was he thinking" kind of things. I know I sound so ungrateful... I'm really not... we just both have our weaknesses this is just one of his! It would take me a LONG time to list all of mine. I do LOVE the fact that he remembers tulips... I carried ivory tulips when we were married. Fresh tulips always bring a smile! Thanks hon!

(The framed picture in the background is a drawing of the Presidio La Bahia where we were married.)

It's Fridaaaaaay... does that make you happy? Time to breathe a sigh of relief & soak in some relaxation! Cheers to you!