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way back... wednesday

carissa fox5 Comments

Back when... I was just shy of six and my sister was four. Now... just get over the fact that we look like a couple ragamuffins... we had just been playing outside in the rain! Oh those we the days! We would play outside ALL day... we would be so dissapointed once it was dark... time to go inside.

These pictures... even though they are not good quality & have spills on them... are my favorites! I treasure them now! When I look at them I can almost take myself back to the innocent... silly... moment we were having... this was a GREAT moment in our childhood!

My sister and I... wow... we used to fight SO badly! Really fight! Hit... kick... jump on each other... hit each other over the head with hair brushes... oh yes! It almost kills me to think about that now. We would make my mama nuts! I can remember it just like it was yesterday... she would grab her head "you girls are making me crazy"! NOW let's flash forward thirty or so years... I now grab my head and say "you girls are making me crazy"! Full circle... life! Memories!

Now I need to run & play with my little ragamuffins! We have valentines to make... yes I'm running behind... still IN time though!

Here's to making today a silly... innocent fun... kind of day!