brown eyed fox

seeing yourself...

carissa fox6 Comments

wouldn't that be so neat to be able to see YOUSELF with fresh eyes... see yourself as other's see you. Really see yourself... not as yourself.

I think it might be quite interesting to see! Would the weaknesses be the same? Am I as friendly as I think I am? Am I as short as I think I am? Yes... you are! Do I look like I need a rescue from "what not to wear"? Do I really yell THAT loud? Am I a good friend... mother...daughter...sister...wife? Am I cute? Am I really that rude to my husband? Do I look out of shape? Do I show love often enough? Am I really being all I can be? Do I.......? Am I...... ?

What would I REALLY see? What changes would I have to make... hmmmm... thinking about this.

Would you see the same you? Would you what to make any changes?