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raspberry morning

carissa fox7 Comments

my two cents for the morning... if you like raspberries... well... and you like coffee... you'll love this coffee cream! Raspberry goodness! Yum!

I made a small update to the shop yesterday. Finally! AND I have some other fun things I will be adding this week too! Moving to a whole new state has been interesting! I will say... I have had so much fun having my hands covered in "goo" all weekend! I really need a pic of how lovely I look wearing my goggles and mask (safety first)... the gals think it is the funniest thing!

I have added a new category to the shop... buckle it! A good gauge... when you often have perfect strangers stop you over what you are wearing... that's a good thing! Well... I love fun buckles... so... why not!

It's Monday... Monday! Here's to a real humdinger of a day! Go out and get em!