brown eyed fox

ice... strikes... slices... lights

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ICE... all the snow is MELTING!  At least where we are!
I have nearly busted my butt a few times slipping around on it... really!
ohhhh... that wouldn't be pretty!


I do like the way it makes the mountains look though... speckled with snow!



Lots of this in our home this week!  thanks Santa... the Wii has been too fun...
and i was able to get enough STRIKES to
WIN the other night in bowling... against hubby! 
Oh yes i did! 
He DID kick my butt in tennis though!

Lots of this too!
cranberry mulling spices... apple SLICES... red wine... simmered to perfection!

on a side note... 
i just know my house is somewhere underneath all this mess!
Between the pine needles... dust bunnies... laundry piles... new toy parts...
I don't even know where to begin!
Tackling it one thing at a time i suppose! 
Thank goodness for my MIL... she has been like a magical fairy & friend all in one! 
We can sip on mulled wine & sort laundry like champs!

and LIGHTS... here i come!
Any guesses where i am headed two days from now?