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bits & baubles

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How many times can i walk by our Christmas tree and
SHAKE that strand of lights that's OUT!
come on lights... work with me!
I might have to break down & pull out that NAUGHTY strand...
replace it with some GOOD lights! 

I'm actually STILL getting this n that out... call me tardy...
i have had festive tardiness!
Our home is getting there... and we are all ready for some serious cheer!

mr. snowman is up & ready... now bring on that snow

the cocoa has started to flow


fa la la la la... la la la la

our fallow... Fifi... she loves her baubles

on the door... always fun to HEAR sleigh bells

So... today... staying calm... that's my goal... ! :)
i STILL have presents to buy!
Oh yes... you're done aren't you!

Reminding myself all the while the REASON for this... ALL of this...
we are REALLY preparing to celebrate a BIRTHDAY!