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okay... so the game...

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was fun!  Did i just SAY that!
Yep... the hubby & I went to the Broncos game... and it WAS fun!
I can't believe it!
I tried to get out of going...
like i always do...
ANY sports event... 
he'd have a much better time with a guy who can "whoop it up"
right along side of him... 
SO glad i went!
It was a much needed weekend away and since it was a company outing...
i got to hang out with some really fun wives... GIRLS... i wasn't the only one! 
Yeah for girl talk & just plain silliness!
And BIG thanks to grandma for watching the chickadees while we were away! 


we're headed to the city

coco mojito at the Samba Room... YUMMO... go there and get it... NOW :)


a true BOYS weekend... ugh


the Brown Palace hotel


Mile High Station... Halliburton tailgate


November in Denver & the sun was SHINING


the boys... i was actually BUMMED they lost


serious fans... those Broncos!


Lanny... that would be my hubby & me :)


sixteenth street was my favorite!

Do YOU try to pass on the sporting event thing...
or are you right there on the side lines whooping it up?
I will add that i DID jump up & yell a few times... the atmosphere gets to you!