brown eyed fox

hAppY turkey

blabberingcarissa fox13 Comments


okay so...
i've donned the contraptions (una-boob maker)
and we're ready to head to the gym!  


This is one of those mornings... honestly... that i am going JUST because
my CUTE little trainer is WAITING for me... TERRIBLE i know but...
there are so many OTHER things that need to get done!
After i shake my tail feather (love that song) there...
lil bit & i will make our way through the day!
She is such a GREAT little partner... she tags along happy & with a SMILE!

Still feeling a bit like that TURKEY...
but a turkey that was SAVED & is oh SO happy!
I'm feeling gReAt!  

I'll stand tall today... una-boob and all... ready to face the day! 

SO... here's to...
someone inventing a better contraption (that REALLY does what it says it does)
a truly fAbUlOuS Friday...
hIp hIp hooray... 
today is FrIdAy !!!