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do you obsess?

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i DO!
My sister & I obsess so much we always say...
"what are you obsessing about today"?
Obsession :
To preoccupy the mind of excessively.
To think about something unceasingly or persistently;
dwell obsessively upon something.
And over the silliest things!


How many times can you write your to-do list over again...
because you just do not like THE WAY IT LOOKS!

How many times can we really change clothes...
because it just DOES NOT LOOK RIGHT!

Oh and then the Facebook thing... I am OBSESSED!
Now if I could just find the TIME to get over there...
how many requests & notifications can sit there...
I know they're there... I'm coming! :)
I find myself thinking about WHO I can LOOK UP!
Consumed... but oh so neat to SEE everyone!
way cool... way OBSESSED!

How much can I fret over this piece.
I found it at a local shop... super deal... great bones...
for the guest room!
I became totally consumed with a mistake I made
with it... every time I walked in the room I got SO upset!
I took out the wrong shelf...
and in turn had to remove them both...
NOT what I had planned...
OBSESSED with making it RIGHT.


Then at night... while trying to fall asleep
that's when all the obsessions from the day HIT...


"oh my gosh... i forgot to respond to her email"
"oh my gosh... i have not ordered the party platter"
"i STILL have not sent out their bday presents"
"oh my gosh my brows are out of control"
"i cannot believe i ate all that spinach artichoke dip"

I'm starting to think it is an obsession...
about obsessing...
thinking everything has to be
JUST SO... PERFECT... all the time!
The mind can run wild with such UNIMPORTANT things!
Steering us away from what is really important!

Do guest REALLY care about what the furniture
is in that room... pleeeeease!

Does it really matter if I wear the brown OR black shoes...
or my brows are over-grown?

The fact I am wondering... pondering... called my sister
to ask her... if this post even makes sense!

Pleeeease do tell... do you ever OBSESS?