brown eyed fox

baby steps

carissa fox4 Comments

We're in potty training mode over here! Just waiting for that little light bulb to go ON above her head. She is very stubborn and is on a time table all her own!

She will be doing GREAT and then we have big steps backwards. She'll get it... one baby step at a time! May be taking a bit longer than it did for big sis... but oh how they are their own person! Wow! Two very unique chickadees!

I am eager as can be to get my hands busy again for the shop. I am facing a server issue on my site right now. It is a big pain in the 'ol rear! I hope to have it resolved very soon... it's making me nuts! I am unable to access my site at all!!!

School was back in session today. Big sis was super excited to get back! I will say... I am so proud of her. She LOVES school... loves being around her friends... and thinks her teachers are the best! She is one smart cookie... always ready to take on the day! What a blessing!

Okay... potty training emergency... gotta run! FAST......

If you see a crazy lady running down the street... pulling out her hair... screaming at the top of her lungs... it"s ME!