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sophie surprise

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I had a great BIG surprise Thursday night! A BIG surprise... packaged in a petite frame!

Todd ran out the door to a rig emergency. The girls and I made a quick decision to cuddle up in my bed & watch a little House Hunters (yes, the girls love that show too). We heard a noise... the girls got up... "it's daddy". I thought... that's impossible... as he walked in I started to say "you're already back"... when I saw a shadow walk right behind him AND run to jump on my bed! Shock... would be the best word to desribe my moment! My friend Sophie was jumping on my bed! I thought I was dreaming! She flew ALL DAY from Houston to come see me! I could not believe she was here! It was total out of body! An unbelievable surprise! A much needed delight!

The fact that she was standing right in front of me took some time to really wrap my head around! What fun!

We were treated to a very special weekend!

All I know... boy howdy... we ate some serious food! I'm feeling a bit hefty in the step! I have had enough carbs to last me the rest of the month! I'm serious! The girls had a ball... of course they love Sophie! She even took them to a movie... just the little gals... completely wore out little bit!

Sophie is a gal filled with radiant light! She is good for your soul... healing for your heart... uplifting for your spirit! I am truly thankful that I have such a gift in my life!