brown eyed fox

long underwear required

carissa fox1 Comment

A day full of fun! Powder was up to our ears at Powderhorn! I thought I might not even make it up the hill! Can we say... "time to ring in the New Year with a new rear"! I've got to get in better shape to keep up with the little chickadees! My goodness!

Big sis had a ball... even went down all by herself. She is ready to go back immediately! Little bit's first comment was... "that was so cool"! She really said that! Soooo funny! Little tough cookie!We bundled up as best we could and really had a blast. It was a brisk 7 degrees! If you ask me... it felt more like 7 below zero... I'm a chicken!

After sledding some of our group went skiing and some of us hung out... had refreshments... and laughed our butts off! I did alot of deep belly... good for the soul... laughing! It was great! I couldn't have asked for better company or a better time!