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Excuse me... I believe you have something I want! I NEED to get on the computer... atleast it feels that way. I feel "out of touch" when I do not have access... crazy! Do you ever feel that way? It has become like my morning coffee... and that is a must! :) I look forward to my morning spin.

So... last night was the second night of American Idol. Have you been watching? It is amazing to me how they keep it fresh year after year. We find it soooo funny & so well put together. Some of the contestants they feature have really inspiring stories. You can almost feel their desire!

The girls LOVE grilled cheese & tomato soup... ask for it all the time! We did not have any tomato soup... SO... it made us try something new! Oh my gosh! If you love soup... run to the store fast and get this! It is soooooo yummy! Campbell's Select Golden Butternut Squash! The great news... hubby even liked it (he is very meat & potato)! It was perfect with the grilled cheese & the "almost at zero" temperature outside!

Today is Thursday... time to get busy day! Housekeeping calls and the shop... the shop... the shop! Oh the shop! I am so very happy to say the marvelous Leila over at Lightning Bug Designs fixed my website issue! She basically rocks! The shop will be up & running soon! Yeah! I will be having some serious fun & doing some crafty creating over the weekend!

Here's to a hip hip hooray of a day!