brown eyed fox

on a tight rope

carissa fox2 Comments

Welcome Monday! This is one of those days where I am waking up thinking "where in the world do I begin"! So much to do... my head is spinning!

Wearing many hats and always wearing a hat! You know what I mean... that 24/7 of being mommy... wife... woman! My word... my girls are a precious gift... the loves of my life... I just need time to breathe by myself! Only me. Trying to balance it all is my current challenge. Sometimes it feels like I spend all my time just "keeping up" that there is no time to do what I enjoy most. I know... whoa is me... little miss pity-party... I need to suck it up and get over it! Really!

If you have found the answer to keeping all the balls in the air... please share!

I will continue to march forward... onward & upward!

Some pics from our duck pond visit yesterday... I think this guy wanted to come home with us to sit by the fire.

Okay... so here's to a "look on the bright side" Monday! I'm off to divide & conquer!