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it's here

carissa fox1 Comment

Yippee... yippee... yeah... yeah... it's friday! Here's to having a fabulous weekend! To doing what makes you happy!

What do you have going? Do you have a big plans or just a relaxing time at home?

I hope to do a bit of both! It's a winter wonderland outside so I am sure we will be building a snowman and making a few snow angels. As long as I can have hot cider once inside... I'm good. I'm a chicken in the cold... I am so Texan! As I sit here... it is 16 degrees outside! Brrrrrr!
And here's to my mama! She had shoulder surgery this morning... and I pray for a speedy recovery! It's done... you will get better each and every day!

I love you so much... wish I were there. I know you're in good hands... the best!