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dinner... check

carissa fox2 Comments

I've got the beans on for dinner... except for a couple major ingredients that I need to run and get (onion & celery)! Who runs out of onion? I am usually pretty good about having onions... I love onion! I love it when dinner begins in the morning. It takes a bit of stress out of the witching hour... you know that time. Well... at my house around five the kids start going bonkers. So woo hoo... I've got dinner... check!
The only thing I was missing while slaving over the stove (ha) was one of these pretty aprons! I came across these the other day and it made me WANT to cook or have a party. You know... just to show it off! How great are they? I favor the full apron so when I sneak a taste test... I don't get all a mess! Run over and see these aprons at PresentPast Collection. Who doesn't need a fun apron!

I have another full plate today. Of course. Who doesn't. I guess the key is to take it all on with a smile and cheer! So here I go... hip hip hooray!