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seeing pumpkins

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This week's topic for Studio Friday September 21st suggested by Ascender: THE BEGINNING...

Back to the "first creative steps" we all took...I'm curious to see what they looked like for us all.

Well... I am going to share this week even though it might be a rough fit... you gals are WAY talented! I think for me, the first time I really went out on a limb creatively was one Fall about five years ago! There must have been a really crisp breeze in the air because my mom & and went nuts with pumpkins! We made hundreds of fun & festive pumpkins! The best part was that others went nuts for the pumpkins too! We sold them like they were hot pumpkin-cakes! We had soooo much fun! Great memories! The pumpkins gave me a big boost... I was off and running! These are just a few of the fun creations we pulled together.

So then... Thanksgiving rubbed off on Christmas and I decided to keep the fun rolling! Loads & loads of wreaths and festive decor up to my ears! It was a blast!

I think I am a growing into a creative individual! I LOVE the creative process... experience! I am at my best & best at being me when I can create!

Now... when our house sells & we make our move... I will be itching to get unpacked and get back to creating! I miss creating for the shop!