brown eyed fox

sunday smiles

carissa foxComment

Picking flowers... rides on the teeter totter... dressing up like a princess... all for some afternoon smiles!

Tonight it's early to bed & tomorrow it's back to school! School! It will take me a while to wrap my brain around the fact that she is already in kindergarten! Little bit and I will have a full morning out and about. Lunch for a treasured friend's birthday and errands around town.

I am ending the day on a high... thank God! I feel like I've been on a teeter totter lately! Being in limbo with our move and all. I... for the most part... think I am handling it all pretty well... BUT... I have those days/moments where total panic sets in! I feel like I have so much ON HOLD! So much I can not get involved in. So much the girls will miss out on. I truly (even after all more emotional out- bursts) KNOW it IS all in the plan. I know there IS a reason for all this craziness! Right? I know I am NOT the only gal facing these same issues right now. I just have to keep falling back on the fact that I have no idea what is in store and be OKAY knowing that GOD does and he in in control!