brown eyed fox

clippings from my "daydreams" folder

carissa foxComment

Looking through my "daydreams" folder last night... which I often to do... I came across SOME of my favorite inspirational interiors! They speak to my soul! I love them all for their neutral/simple feel with added pops and punches of color! LOVE!!! Love color! Red... pea green, crisp blue, delightful orange and yummy chocolate brown!

I get a million gazillion magazines in the mail (my favorite school fundraiser)... when I see something that speaks to me... I yank it out and put it in my "daydreams" folder! A gal can dream... MUST dream and keep her desires alive!

HUGE fan of zebra rugs! HUGE!
Could not live with out the use of black in every room!

Okay... love the screens!

Zebra... again! Great fun!

Really love the painting and sofa casters!
What a cool coffee table!

NOT possible to have too many baskets!
Great old farm table!

Just love the sharp use/contrast of neutrals!

P.S. clippings from various magazines... unable to point to exact reference.