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i've been tagged by tumbleweed & rose... so here it goes:

4 jobs i have had: Jenny Craig manager, flight attendant, rep for Anne McGilvrey & company, domestic engineer

4 films i would watch over and over: Braveheart, Dances with Wolves, Shawshank Redemption, Grease (i was obsessed as a kid)

4 places i have lived: Corpus Christi TX, Austin TX, Medina OH, soon to be Grand Junction CO

4 favorite t.v. shows: House Hunters, LOST, Intervention, Flip this House

4 favorite foods: mexican food... i love my mexican food, cherries, my mama's roast & all the fix ins, fresh guacamole with chips... mmmmmmmm

4 websites i visit daily: my fav blogs, etsy, right now... or equiv., Noggin (for little ones)

4 places i love to be: flee market, in my jammies, getting a massage, Target

4 favorite colors: pea green, white, clear red, color of wheat

4 names i love but wouldn't use for my children: Oliver, Wyatt (didn't get to use), Stella (would use), Lucy

now...i tag:

you're it................!