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Nonny & Poppy camp

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A great time was had by ALL! The fourth annual Nonny & Poppy camp was a big hit! The kids . . . saw the Circus. . . went to the movies. . . did loads of swimming. . . and ate bunches of yummy food! I'm sure getting to jump on the bed ranks up really high too! What great memories!

I had a really good time just kicking up my feet and relaxing in "the Ville" (Kerrville)! Awesome food & great family time!

Thank you so much for making it a week to remember! What fun! Love you!

yikes... gives me the heebie jeebies!

watch me! watch me!

floating the day away

pretty pleeeeeease!

Oh . . .
Remember Heidi & Hunter? They had babies! I got to see them while I was there! They are so dad gum cute! They follow mama everywhere!