brown eyed fox

the growing tree

carissa foxComment

My view yesterday as I was lying under this tree!

I have always had a fascination with trees! Their branches! For me they represent strength and possibility! When a tree begins to grow it could branch out in so many different directions and in so many different ways! It truly has a personality of it's own! It becomes stronger with each passing year as it matures and it's roots dig deeper! If it's lucky enough to be planted next to another tree it can share it's life with another. . . their roots begin to intertwine making them stronger together! When storms come their way they can depend on one another and face them together!

Trees are a lot like we are! We can choose to branch out in so many directions and in so many ways. We all have a truly unique personality... that's for sure! Life's storms will come our way. . . making it very important to have other "trees" in our life that we can depend on. We are better together! I am blessed to have some really strong and dependable "trees" near me! Thank you!

This angle of the tree looked so much like a leg/knee. . . and even arms and body in background! Don't you think? Too fun!