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our front door

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Awwwe... our beloved front door! One of the main reasons, when we bought this house, I knew it was right for us! I know that must sound silly... but when I saw this 8 foot beauty... it sealed the deal! Really... there are so many things I truly love about our house! One... I feel grateful we have a house! The builder is incredible! Super attention to detail... I'm a big fan of great details! This house feels grounded in the earth... strong... it feels like home! Isn't that the best feeling when you've been gone for a few days and you return "home"! There really is no place like home! The safety and vulnerability that lives there!

Well... a house is great but what is more important are the people inside! As long as we're together... it's all good! For me it has always been very difficult to handle change... I think I might be a bit controlling! Anyway... we are facing a little change right now!

Our beloved house will soon be FOR SALE!!!!!! Oh, that was hard to actually say outloud... or type! Yep! We're moving! I still have not wrapped my brain around the whole concept yet! I do not want... refuse... to think about all my great friends I will be a reeeeeally long car ride away from! The kind of far that you pretty much better book a ticket and fly! The thought makes my stomach turn!So for now... not going there! But you know... this will be a great adventure! It will!

Now... speaking of SALE! I was thinking about all the fun things in the shop and since we are making such a big move... why not have a BIG SALE! As of Saturday... until further notice... everything in the shop is going 1/2 off! Yes... I have lost my mind! No... really why not! I would love you to have a piece I created!

So take advantage if you have had your eye on something! If not that's okay too... just pray for us! That someone else comes along just like I did and falls in love with the front door and all that's inside & makes an offer!