brown eyed fox

monday "morning" inspection

carissa foxComment

Looking at myself this morning. . . here are five facts I must face today!

  • I am still in my jammies at 11am. . . will eventually need to jump in the shower!

  • There are loads & loads of laundry screaming from the basket "clean me"!

  • I must schedule three appointments today (one being the dreaded pap smear) . . . I tend to drag my feet on these kind of things.

  • The wrinkles on my face are . . . shall we say "making a bigger impression". . . I saw myself yesterday in the car rear-view mirror and wowsers . . . is this what my 36 looks like!

  • Today is a gift! I will enjoy some more coffee (thank you God for the glorious cup of coffee) . . . clean myself off. . . make myself somewhat presentable and face the day like the delightful domestic goddess I am!

Hope your day is just fancy!