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2008 will be GREAT!

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I ate so many mashed potatoes I couldn't even get up! All of my better judgment and eating habits flew right on out the window! woo hoo! fun... fun week!

What a super time we all had. I have lots of pictures to share... stay tuned for coming posts.

Our final guests left this morning... time sure seemed to fly by. I felted so bad... they were supposed to fly out yesterday... but delays led to cancellation... they had to start all over early (4 am) this morning. Would you believe... this morning they didn't have a crew for the flight! Awe... kind of need a pilot don't ya think! Crazy! I am happy to say... they are on their way now. With all the chaos... I sure hope they will come back!

(some of my smokers I adore)

I always have a hard time putting away all the fun Christmas bits and pieces. All the fun pops of color! The smell of fresh pine (which reminds me... Melissa... how did you do with the tree this year?)! I guess putting away we can look forward to next Christmas. And then take a leap into the New Year! 2008... it's here and ready to be made great!

I hope you all got just what you wanted for Christmas and took some time to really relax!