brown eyed fox

walking in my sister's shoes

carissa fox1 Comment

I couldn't resist sharing this pic. Little bit jumped out of bed this morning and began her marathon of changing clothes! First off... bouncing ballerina!

She changes outfits with each of her moods... and she has many moods! Being three is tough! ha

Today being the 14th... wow! The short coutdown is on! Are you ready? I'm getting there! I need to get my fingers busy wrapping so I can get to the post office. I LOVE my wrapping paper for this year... red with white polka dots. I got it last year for nothing after Christmas... gotta love that.

We woke up this morning to more fresh fallen snow... I don't think I will ever grow tired of it. It is soooooo pretty! It is going to be down to single digits tonight... really cold. Hot cocoa will be in high demand! Personally... I favor cider & wassail. Yum!

Cheers to a happy happy Friday! Big smiles... warm hugs and lots of laughs!