brown eyed fox

we're heeeeeere!

carissa fox2 Comments

We made it! The plane rides were great... only a couple of three year old squeals!

You know you have been at a hotel a long time WHEN the staff
brings the wife & kids a welcome gift! Yep!
They gave each of the girls a stuffed animal & me some body cream & candy! How nice is THAT! The girls LOVED it! After some yummy room service the girls had a ball jumping from bed to bed! They were FULL of excitement!

This is the view from our master bedroom! Pictures can not grasp just how beautiful it is! Remember... I had not seen the house in person!
Todd made a great choice! I am happy to say... I really love the house.
I'll share more pics soon!

We are currently in the move-in stage of "utter mess & chaos"!
SO much to do! SO much to unpack... put away... donate... CLEAN!

All I know... I do feel truly blessed! We're safe... together...
and I am happy to see what I can accomplish tomorrow!

Now... who is going to come help me unpack!?!? Oh how I wish! :)