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mountains... here we come

carissa fox2 Comments

The ladybug... the witch... the yorkie... and the mom are off to fly above the clouds! We're finally on our way to our new home! We will arrive in Colorado after dark... which is a bit of a disappointment... I really wanted the girls to see the mountains from the airplane. Shoot! It will just have to remain a surprise for their morning eyes.

They are super excited! Daddy will be getting loads of hugs & kisses!

I just wanted to say... THANKS SOOOOO MUCH for all your sweet comments! You brought a BIG smile to my face! Really! I am looking forward to talking with all of yall really soon! I have found a bunch of really fun blogs to add to my daily obsession! woo hoo!

I hope to have some pics tomorrow evening after our closing! It will be a busy... hairy day.... but... oh soooooo FUN!